Boyfriend Bieber assault Cover (Female Drum Cover of Boyfriend by Justin Bieber)

justin bieber boyfriend cover

Boyfriend Justin Bieber - Watch a hardcore female drummer jam out to "Boyfriend" by Attacking young boys on the drums! There's a link to the video inside the resource box below.

It was a spontaneous jam session suggestion made by Jeremy, and it turned out to be pretty fun. Discover a Bieber fan, be sure to suggest various other "jam style" song suggestions in the comments below!

In any event, produce a great day, make sure you be awesome!

Bloom (Mari Voiles, Joshua Voiles, Jeremy Tyler, Keith Callister)

Our song, "Fight For Greatness" has become featured on Rockband 3!




Vocals and Keyboard: Jeremy Tyler

Guitar and Backup Vocals: Joshua Voiles

Drums and Percussion: Mari Voiles

Bass: Keith Callister

"Boyfriend" originally by Justin Bier

Written by: Mike Posner, Mat Musto, Mason Levy & Justin Bieber

Authored by: Universal Music Publishing, WB Music Corp & Sony ATV Music Publishing

justin bieber boyfriend cover

bieber assault boyfriend cover female drummer keyboard piano


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